What is Alaska Like?

So... you wonder what Alaska's like? Well, my inquiring friend, you've come to the right place. What we hope to provide here is an honest and straightforward look into what Alaska really is, and a chance to dispell the myths and misconceptions many people have about our way of life. We also hope to answer many of the common questions our site visitors have about our great state, and to create a more enlightened web community overall.

Question 1: Is it cold?

Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact!
As you can see from the picture to the right... my front yard is slightly less than toasty. And all those giant chunks of ice make it a bitch to wade through the frigid Alaskan water to get the paper in the morning. The whole state is in fact, covered by a stupendously large interconnected glacier system. Looking again to the picture, can you see that rise about three or so miles from my front porch? That's where the nearest village, Anchorage, is. That's where I go every two weeks to get the mail and do some basic shopping, unless we are blessed by a humpback whale beaching itself by the house.

Question 2: Do you see the Northern Lights?

Answer: Yes, If you want to live!
The Northern Lights, or the "Aurora Borealis" as it is called by many Alaskans, is quite a common occurrence and can be seen often on cold and dark Alaskan nights. While these "paintings in the sky" may be beautiful, they can also be quite deadly. Many an unfortunate cheechako have turned their eyes away from the sky, if only for a second, to be snatched up by the violent storm and burned horribly. Few people have been lucky enough to survive such an attack. While it is dangerous, it is a part of our lives that we must learn to accept.

Question 3: Do you live in Igloos?

Answer: Of course!
Snow is the most abundant resource when you live up north... so what else would you build your home from? Igloos don't just come in the traditional one-floor variety. Most of them, in fact, are two or three stories... all of them with basic cable (to watch while you sit around in warm polar bear fur, eating muktuk and nursing a beer). The picture to the right shows a couple of ranch-style duplexes up for rent. Each, of course, is two bedroom, one bath, and the plumbing was just put in... complete with a toilet seat warmer, so you never have to set your ass on a cold seat. All this could be yours for just $650 a month.

Question 4: Do you travel by sled dog?

Answer: Yes!
While technology has rendered the canine obsolete for the purpose of transportation, we Alaskans still refuse to travel by snow machines or "horseless sleigh". And who could blame us? Why would you want to ride on a fast, noisy, smoke-billowing monster when you can have a friendly mutt pulling your sled? Sure, some people may get bored with staring at 15 or so collective asses for hours at a time... but how many car owners can say that they ride home from work with their best friend?

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I hope I did well at clarifying this information for you. Thankyou for visiting this site, and thankyou for coming to #Alaska channel on Dalnet!


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